Live Contest March 05 2011: Free Access to Elegant Themes

Live Contest March 05 2011: Free Access to Elegant Themes

I am excited to announce that first Get FREE Access to Elegant Themes Contest is Live Finally!


Easy, just write WHY you want to join Elegant Themes by commenting on this post below and you have the chance!

Winners will get $40 from me in order to join Elegant Themes, if you are from Europe, you will have to pay VAT yourself. Any other tax will be paid by you, and finally, you will have to join ET through this website.

Here are rules:

  • Use your real name and valid email address while commenting please,
  • Since it is the first time I am doing it (I am thinking of doing it frequently) only 2 lucky ones will get free access
  • After 25 comments comment box below will be closed and selection of winners will start
  • The last day to comment: 10 of March 2011.

Tip: Be creative :)

Be active! :)

March 11 Update: Contest is over :)

I was expecting more comments and I didn’t get what I expected :)

Anyway, I got only 3 comments and 2 of them were going to get free access to elegant themes. But since it is the first time I am doing it I decided to give free access to all 3 comment authors.

I will get in contact with them and report back.

Here are the winners:

  • Frank
  • Dianne
  • Christie

Congratulations and Thank you for your participation!


4 Responses to “ “Live Contest March 05 2011: Free Access to Elegant Themes”

  1. Christie says:

    I’d love to have access to Elegant Themes because I’m a theme NUT! I love to browse through themes and try them on my niche sites – like a teenage girl trying on party dresses! I’ve found a couple of themes on Elegant Themes that I think would be just right – for my main blog and future sites too. Thanks!

  2. Dianne Kusztos Wilson says:

    After reading Vusal’s “Elegant Themes Review,” and watching the video to see how user friendly Elegant Themes WordPress templates are, I thought that these templates might be a valuable solution for building websites that I’d not been aware of. Hey, I’ve tried using Dreamweaver. DW’s a great WYSIWYG editor for use on my computer, but when my site files are uploaded to my web host, the browsers interpret my creation differently and what I see using Dreamweaver’s preview screen on my Macintosh computer is not what visitors see using their browsers! The results can look very unprofessional, and I’d almost given up trying to make things work for every browser when I’d heard about Joomla and WordPress. Back then I thought that WordPress was used only for blogs, but I’d seen a business oriented Joomla template that I’d absolutely loved. After doing a little research, I thought that Joomla was something that I could use “right out of the box” for any visitor’s browser. I found the business template’s creator, and paid for a subscription which allowed me to use only three of their Joomla templates with support for one year. Long story short, I can sum up that experience using two words: “Too complicated!” My year’s subscription for the three Joomla templates expired last month and I’d not been able to go live with even one of those templates.

    So why am I even considering yet another subscription? Elegant Themes are designed and then tested to work with the major browsers. I won’t have to worry or learn how to ‘fix it’ for who knows how many browsers. A one year subscription to Elegant Themes gives me unlimited access to try out ALL their templates if I wanted to with support for the year, but what interests me the most about using Elegant Themes is having the ability to customize their themes without my actually having to edit the files. I love the way the epanel is organized with tools that would be right there at my fingertips, plus, having a “Support” tab with tutorials and guides that are built into the admin part of the site will be very valuable time savers for a beginner like me. One other thing… I’ve previewed the demo’s on their website, and found that many of their themes look like they could be used for business as well as bloggers. Elegant Themes are just my style… professional, clean and uncluttered.

  3. Frank says:

    I have recently discovered WP and have always wanted to run my own blog and community.

    I plan to create a blog that outlines where I started and where I am today for all the curious. It will eventually be the site to promote my Restaurant Strolling and Street Magic Documentary.

    I’ve also discovered BuddyPress and I plan on making a magic community that pursues the unique ways of practicing and creating tricks through collaboration and sharing styles. Hopefully ET has some future in this area, if not, I’m sure I’ll find a way to modify them.

    Elegant themes has blown me away w/ its eye-candy themes and unique color schemes. The features, jQuery, and shortcodes seem so cool as well.

    Hopefully my comment posts at 11:11:11 (would’ve done it tomorrow if I could…) and my site will be up when I win (countdown)!


  4. Vusal says:

    I will now close comments on this post and start choosing the winners :)