Discount/Cashback offer not available anymore

Discount/Cashback offer not available anymore

Today, after getting 4th email asking for cashback for transaction that I didn’t get any credit for I decided to remove this offer.

In total over around 20 people asked for cashback and for more than 10 of them I didn’t get commission, Crazy!

But I sent $10 rebate despite not getting any credit for the sales.

Anyway…I am really sorry guys, this offer is not available anymore and will never be available again!

I contacted ET regarding the issue and here is their explanation:

In that case the people you are referring have clicked on someone else’s
link in the past. If the computer being used to make the purchase has
clicked on a different affiliate link before yours, then the first
affiliate to refer the visitor gets the sale.

Cookies only play a small part in tracking. We also track user’s IP
addresses. Unless they use a different computer, they will still be
tracked even if they clear their cookies.


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