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Review Last Updated: Nov 1, 2011 Welcome to Elegant Themes Review, my name is Vusal and I have been member of ET for over a year. After being with Elegant Themes for over 14 happy months I decided to create this review site and record some videos to show you how ETs premium wordpress themes will benefit you, what are the features, how they can be used effectively, how the members area of ElegantThemes.com looks like etc.

Since they dont offer trial membership or sample downloads, here I would like to answer to some possible questions that you have in your mind, give some information to you about ET and its premium themes so that you decide it yourself whether ET is worth joining or not.

But before beginningI will mostly concentrate on giving information about Features of elegant themes, since you can see demo of each theme I dont feel the need to tell How Great Those Themes Look.

Watch This Video:

I recommend you to watch this video about ePanel of Elegant Themes by Nick Roach.

ePanel is what makes elegant themes so Special for me.


So What Does This Video Mean? (Detailed)

Here is the list of what you can do using ePanel options:

Note: There are many additional options, I listed most important ones only.


1.1 Using general settings, under General tab you will be able to

  • upload your logo and website icon
  • select one of the premaid color variations using color skin selector
  • define the number of posts displayed on category, archieve, search and tag pages
  • as well as change the date format and thumbnail options as you wish.
  • If you have difficulty with understanding specific ePanel feature, simply click on the question mark on the right side and description will appear.

1.2 Next, under the homepage tab you can control the content of your homepage.

  • If the theme has some special areas and if this function is enabled you can select the pages, categories or any other info for each of them.
  • Also, here you can disable the categories from appearing on the homepage recent posts.

1.3 Most elegant themes have featured slider option that you can enable or disable from the epanel. Under the Featured Slider tab, you can:

  • select or exclude the page or category as source for the slider
  • as well as enable or disable auto slider
  • and define the animation speed.
  • If you dont want to use the featured slider simply disable it.

2. Next, navigation options to make navigation links quick and easy. Using the navigation options you can

  • control the dropdown tiers,
  • adjust display order for pages and categories,
  • choose which pages and categories to hide and which ones to show on navigation bar,
  • show or hide the home link on homepage and much more.

3. Layout settings to control specific elements of your blog content.

  • Choose to display thumbnails and comments on wordpress pages and posts or not,
  • show thumbnail images on homepage or not,
  • select which post info items to display on posts and index page.
  • You can even adjust the size of thumbnail for pages, posts and homepage individually.

4. Ad management for advertisers.

  • After enabling the banner advertisement option, by providing the banner image url and the advertised url banner ad will be displayed at advertisement enabled areas of your blog.
  • Here you can also input your Google Adsense Code to show Google ads instead of banner.

5. Colorization tab to help you customize specific colors without touching cascading style sheet (CSS).

  • After enabling custom colors function using JQuery Color Selector you can customize main font color, main link color, sidebar text color, footer text color and many other easily.

6. Probably the most important option: SEO to optimize your website for search engines.  Here you can

  • customize your meta titles, keywords, post and page title format,
  • choose character to separate your post name from blog title,
  • and enable canonical URL to avoid detection of duplicate content within your website.

7. Next, Code Integration tab to add code specific areas of your blog without touching a code.

  • For example, here you can add your Google Analytics Code to head part of your blog to track your visitors.

8. And finally, if you are in trouble you have easy access to installation guide, troubleshooting guide and video tutorials under Support tab.

Great thing is You Can Do All Of These Mentioned Above THROUGH THE EPANEL Alone!

  • Without editing theme files!
  • Without editing CSS files!
  • Without using WordPresss settings!

Next: See What You can Do Using Chortcodes (New)

Another Great Feature from Elegant Themes: Shortcodes

Using shortcodes you can:

  1. Create Button Varieties
  2. Create Content Boxes
  3. Create Toggled Content
  4. Create Tabbed Content
  5. Create Slideshow
  6. CreateImage Slider
  7. CreateEasy Tooltips
  8. CreateSocial Media
  9. CreatePassword Protect Your Content
  10. Insert Author Info
  11. CreateColumn Layouts

Now, since I dont want to make this review long, if you dont know what exactly are the ones mentioned above click here:

Click Here for More Information

Is Elegant Themes Really Worth $39?

May be yes, may be no. For me yes, for you I dont know. Depending on the project the answer may vary. If your aim is to create a crap website with zero traffic then obviously you dont need ET. But if your expectation is Great Looking, SEO Optimized, Cheap, Great Functionality and Versatility then you didnt waste your time reading this review because no other premium wordpress themes other than elegant themes have such Functionality along with Such Design currently!

To be honest, $39 is ridiculously cheap for 50+ themes with great design and great features while SINGLE crap premium themes with no functionality are being sold for $50, $69, $96 currently!

$39/50=$0.78 per 1 theme (Actually there are more than 50 themes and every month 3-4 themes are being added.)

Some themes that are especially designed for certain niches such as Estore (for Shopping niche), ElegantEstate (real estate niche) or AskIt (Functions as help desk) would cost you over $5.000 if youd hire a web designer/coder, but with ET all themes are available for just $39!

Also, it is not all about design, for example, website that isnt optimized for SEO will get ZERO targeted traffic even if it has the best design in the world. Maybe there are some other premium themes that have better design than Elegant Themes, but believe me such functions arent available with those themes.

Elegant Themes is where functionality meets Beauty.

ET is THE BEST Choice For You!

Choice is yours, I just wanted to review and explain details, features of elegant themes so that you decide it yourself whether to join or not.

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My name is Vusal and here I tried to give you detailed information about Premium WordPress Theme Design service that I am member of: ElegantThemes.com.

You can ask your questions about ET here, since I am member of ET I guess I can answer any question you have about ET.

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