Elegant Themes Review

Elegant Themes Review
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Review Last Updated: Nov 1, 2011

Welcome to Elegant Themes Review, my name is Vusal and I have been member of ET for over a year. After being with Elegant Themes for over 14 happy months I decided to create this review site and record some videos to show you how ET’s premium wordpress themes will benefit you, what are the features, how they can be used effectively, how the members area of ElegantThemes.com looks like etc.

Since they don’t offer trial membership or sample downloads, here I would like to answer to some possible questions that you have in your mind, give some information to you about ET and its premium themes so that you decide it yourself whether ET is worth joining or not.

But before beginning…

I will mostly concentrate on giving information about Features of elegant themes, since you can see demo of each theme I don’t feel the need to tell How Great Those Themes Look.

Watch This Video:

I recommend you to watch this video about ePanel of Elegant Themes by Nick Roach.

ePanel is what makes elegant themes so Special for me.

So What Does This Video Mean? (Detailed)

Here is the list of what you can do using ePanel options:

Note: There are many additional options, I listed most important ones only.


1.1 Using general settings, under General tab you will be able to

  • upload your logo and website icon
  • select one of the premaid color variations using color skin selector
  • define the number of posts displayed on category, archieve, search and tag pages
  • as well as change the date format and thumbnail options as you wish.
  • If you have difficulty with understanding specific ePanel feature, simply click on the question mark on the right side and description will appear.

1.2 Next, under the homepage tab you can control the content of your homepage.

  • If the theme has some special areas and if this function is enabled you can select the pages, categories or any other info for each of them.
  • Also, here you can disable the categories from appearing on the homepage recent posts.

1.3 Most elegant themes have featured slider option that you can enable or disable from the epanel. Under the Featured Slider tab, you can:

  • select or exclude the page or category as source for the slider
  • as well as enable or disable auto slider
  • and define the animation speed.
  • If you don’t want to use the featured slider simply disable it.

2. Next, navigation options to make navigation links quick and easy. Using the navigation options you can

  • control the dropdown tiers,
  • adjust display order for pages and categories,
  • choose which pages and categories to hide and which ones to show on navigation bar,
  • show or hide the home link on homepage and much more.

3. Layout settings to control specific elements of your blog content.

  • Choose to display thumbnails and comments on wordpress pages and posts or not,
  • show thumbnail images on homepage or not,
  • select which post info items to display on posts and index page.
  • You can even adjust the size of thumbnail for pages, posts and homepage individually.

4. Ad management for advertisers.

  • After enabling the banner advertisement option, by providing the banner image url and the advertised url banner ad will be displayed at advertisement enabled areas of your blog.
  • Here you can also input your Google Adsense Code to show Google ads instead of banner.

5. Colorization tab to help you customize specific colors without touching cascading style sheet (CSS).

  • After enabling custom colors function using JQuery Color Selector you can customize main font color, main link color, sidebar text color, footer text color and many other easily.

6. Probably the most important option: SEO to optimize your website for search engines.  Here you can

  • customize your meta titles, keywords, post and page title format,
  • choose character to separate your post name from blog title,
  • and enable canonical URL to avoid detection of duplicate content within your website.

7. Next, Code Integration tab to add code specific areas of your blog without touching a code.

  • For example, here you can add your Google Analytics Code to head part of your blog to track your visitors.

8. And finally, if you are in trouble you have easy access to installation guide, troubleshooting guide and video tutorials under Support tab.

Great thing is… You Can Do All Of These Mentioned Above THROUGH THE EPANEL Alone!

  • Without editing theme files!
  • Without editing CSS files!
  • Without using WordPress’s settings!

About these updates Pugas.com‘s review gives all the resources you need,

Next: See What You can Do Using Chortcodes (New)

Another Great Feature from Elegant Themes: Shortcodes

Using shortcodes you can:

  1. Create Button Varieties
  2. Create Content Boxes
  3. Create Toggled Content
  4. Create Tabbed Content
  5. Create Slideshow
  6. CreateImage Slider
  7. CreateEasy Tooltips
  8. CreateSocial Media
  9. CreatePassword Protect Your Content
  10. Insert Author Info
  11. CreateColumn Layouts

Now, since I don’t want to make this review long, if you don’t know what exactly are the ones mentioned above click here:

Click Here for More Information

Is Elegant Themes Really Worth $39?

May be yes, may be no. For me yes, for you… I don’t know. Depending on the project the answer may vary. If your aim is to create a crap website with zero traffic then obviously you don’t need ET. But if your expectation is Great Looking, SEO Optimized, Cheap…, Great Functionality and Versatility then you didn’t waste your time reading this review because no other premium wordpress themes other than elegant themes have such Functionality along with Such Design currently!

To be honest, $39 is ridiculously cheap for 50+ themes with great design and great features while SINGLE crap premium themes with no functionality are being sold for $50, $69, $96… currently!

$39/50=$0.78 per 1 theme (Actually there are more than 50 themes and every month 3-4 themes are being added.)

Some themes that are especially designed for certain niches such as Estore (for Shopping niche), ElegantEstate (real estate niche) or AskIt (Functions as help desk) would cost you over $5.000 if you’d hire a web designer/coder, but with ET all themes are available for just $39!

Also, it is not all about design, for example, website that isn’t optimized for SEO will get ZERO targeted traffic even if it has the best design in the world. Maybe there are some other premium themes that have better design than Elegant Themes, but believe me such functions aren’t available with those themes.

Elegant Themes is where functionality meets Beauty.

ET is THE BEST Choice For You!

Choice is yours, I just wanted to review and explain details, features of elegant themes so that you decide it yourself whether to join or not.

Click Here to Join Elegant Themes Now!

My name is Vusal and here I tried to give you detailed information about Premium WordPress Theme Design service that I am member of: ElegantThemes.com.

You can ask your questions about ET here, since I am member of ET I guess I can answer any question you have about ET.

Also, don’t forget to visit my Special Downloads area where I share most useful WordPress plugins and other files that you may need now or in the future.

Comments are welcome. (Vote below if you enjoyed reading this review.)

Support this website, please.

Please, support this website by joining Elegant Themes through my website. Subscribing through my link will help me keep this website alive.

And of course, help me stay motivated to help you, answer questions, reply comments with detailed explanation with snapshots or even videos if needed.

Joining through this site does not effect the amount of money you are going to pay,

>> Click Here to Join Elegant Themes Through ElegantThemesReview.net <<

Thanks, I appreciate it.

127 Responses to “ “Elegant Themes Review”

  1. Anthony says:

    Great review!

    I’m wondering what will happen if I choose not to pay $39 a year from now? Will I loose my themes? Do I need to pay $39 for ever? Elegant themes used to cost 19.95 a year and now it’s double that amount so I’m concerned that, if I need to keep paying every year, the price may double again and again but I’ll have to keep paying because I’ll loose my themes if I don’t. Can you shed some light on this?

    • Vusal says:

      Thanks for your comment Anthony,

      Advantages of staying as a member are being able to download new themes and recent updates,

      If you are a member, you can download any theme you want and even if you cancel your subscription, you will still be able to use them forever.

  2. Zach says:


    I recently have started using ET and must say they are great! I have one question I can’t seem to find an answer for …How can you make a logo bigger? The space provided is to small for my logo. I have been searching for an answer for weeks…

  3. mazhar says:

    i am interested in buying polished theme but i guess there is not “full width” page option can we make one?

  4. ofek says:

    hi Vusal,
    I am interested in becoming an ET member but have a few concerns, hopefully you can answer:
    1. I do not have much tech or design skills and I need a VERY user-friendly platform, I read several reviews that stated ET is not strong in this field. one comment was: “If you want to change the title or logo, you have to use Photoshop”. I am not a user of Photoshop, will I have a problem? will I need to change the code of the theme?

    2. I need to translate the theme to Hebrew, how can I do it with ET and how difficult is it?

    Best regards,

    • Vusal says:

      Hey Ofek,

      1 – Believe me, you don’t need those skills, ET is way too user-friendly, I have been building websites for a long time and I know how frustrating and hard it is to configure and get the website ready, but thanks to Elegant Themes you’ll be able to customize your website the way you want,
      For logo editing, yes you’ll need a little photoshop work, you can hire someone at fiverr for 5 bucks to do the job for you,
      2 – greetings to Israel, I guess this should be done through WordPress’s dashboard, at elegant themes’s forum there should be a guide to change the language,

      Thanks for your questions,

  5. Vic says:

    Thanks for the informative ET review
    I need a nice theme that looks very professional. I specifically don’t want anything fancy or too colorful. If possible I would like a tabless design that is smooth and simple. Please advise me on this issue. Can I get this with ET? And if so what do you recommend I do?

  6. Dan Eilbert says:

    $39 sounds like a very good deal considering what ET has to offer. I am just wondering if this is all we will be charged? Are there any hidden charges that I need to know about? Like if I want to do modifications do I have to make payments? Will I have to pay this fee yearly? Please let me know. Thanks.

  7. Eric says:

    I don’t really want a theme for myself but would want one for two of my clients. I am a web designer and they had enquired about this. Can I be allowed to use the ET themes for my client’s websites? If so, do I have to pay an additional fee? How exactly does this work? I believe the $39 may be sufficient or will that be considered redistribution?

  8. Mike says:

    Does ET come with any guarantees or warranties? Do you know much about their customer support? I don’t want to get problems and then lack solutions. This would be a big waste of time and money. Please let me know what you know about this policy.

    • Vusal says:

      They reply support emails within a day and they have support forum that you can ask any question you have, I understand what you’re feeling but there is no any potential problem in my opinion,


  9. Kaitlyn says:

    Hi Vusal
    I did watch your video demonstration and the themes do look pretty good so am not going to complain about that. However, I have a few ideas on some modifications that I can make to specifically suit my requirements. Does ET allow this? There are themes that you can’t modify or personalize at all.

    • Vusal says:

      I am aware of that, and that is why Premium Themes exist, premium themes allow you to customize them the way you want. And in my personal opinion, elegant themes are the best when it comes to customization! You will be surprised by what you can do through ePanel.

      Please watch the video again, Nick explains some features of ePanel in the video.

  10. Ruby says:

    Does ET have any ongoing promotions, Offers or Discounts? What exactly do I get upon paying the $39? Are there any freebies? In addition, will I get plug-ins and PSD files with the initial download? Are there trial periods or something similar? The $39 is fair but a further discount wouldn’t hurt.

    • Vusal says:


      Your comment motivated me to offer a discount :) please check above, As of from now, you can Join ElegantThemes for just $29, instead of $39!

      You WILL get PSD files and required plugins, and no, trial is not available.


  11. Landen says:

    Hi Vusal

    Thank you very much for writing this review especially for people like me who are quite new at all of this and aren’t very tech savvy. The features all look great and everything sounds easy enough. I have no previous experience with ET at all.

  12. Sarah says:

    Hi Vusal,

    First of all, thanks for the offer, I was going to join Elegant Themes and your offer was what I was looking for.
    I got $10 transferred to my Paypal an hour ago.

    Again, thanks for the offer, I am sure lots of people are looking for this.
    Have a nice day,

  13. Kimberly says:

    thank you so much for the review and your link totally worked! it has been a huge help :)

  14. brad says:

    I purchased an ET account through the link on this page, followed the instructions, and the promised $10 quickly appeared in my paypal account.

    Thanks Vusal!

  15. I’m strongly considering signing up to Elegant Themes rather than Thesis that had been recommended to me but am unsure whether to go for the developer or normal subscription. I work as a photographer and would benefit from having full access to the photoshop files to further customise my planned new site(s).
    If I signed up via your link would I still have full access to the psd files, would I need to purchase the $89 developer option? And would I still benefit from the kind $10 discount you are offering?
    Many thanks,

    • Vusal says:

      Hey Jason,

      Tried the thesis before, nice stuff but I couldn’t configure it, way too many options than a normal user would need and skins cost you money too. There are some very nice elegant themes for photographers.

      Well, developer license thing is causing confusion, you can contact their support for clarification but let me explain… I currently have my Standard license and when I click on “Download” link for any theme it gives me 2 options: 1. Theme Files 2. PSD Files
      Here is the sanpshot – http://www.elegantthemesreview.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/for-jason.jpg :
      elegant themes standard license
      As you see from the snapshot, I have Standard license and I am able download the theme files.

      And here it is the snapshot of the rar file that contains PSD files (LeanBizPSD.rar file) http://www.elegantthemesreview.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/for-jason-rar.jpg :
      et leanbiz psd file

      For your next question, yes you can benefit my $10 cashback, but you should hurry because the offer will be closed on September 30.

      You are welcome Jason and good luck with your websites,

  16. Braxton says:

    Hi Vusal

    Your review was very informative. I managed to get all the information that I required about ET Quick questions, are there ET themes that Firefox and Safari Compatible? Please let me know which ones are. Give me any information that you have on this.

  17. Robert says:

    I just subscribed through your link, and I have already downloaded my favorites from Elegant Themes. There are some great themes there. Actually a great selection of great themes!

    Must also comment on the speed with which I received my $10 refund. It was about 30 minutes after I notified Vusal of my purchase. Amazing service! I guess we must be on the same time zone.

    Thanks very much.


  18. Sondra Rose says:

    Thank you so much for honoring your rebate offer even though you didn’t get credit for some reason.

    If it would help, I would be happy to send an email to Elegant Themes to request that they give you credit for my order that I placed through your site.


  19. Christina says:

    Hi Vusal

    I have just started out on internet marketing. I am still learning more about things like SEO.I understand that these themes that can support SEO while others don’t. How effective would you say ET is? I want to be able to add key words in all my subsections on the theme.

    • Vusal says:

      You can add keywords while posting, I don’t have problem with SEO friendliness of the themes, almost all of my websites are ranking well and I am using Elegant Themes for all of them.

  20. Raymond says:

    Hi Vusal
    I enjoyed reading your review. I was able to get answers for most of my questions without even having to post a comment here. I am very new at this so I need some guidance. I would like to integrate the theme with scripts from somewhere else? How can I do this?

  21. great tutorial. Elegant themes should be really thankful that you are explaining everything in layman’s terms. They should hire you to market their site. I was only convinced to go with Elegant Themes after reading your very detailed post. Thanks for being such an awesome online marketer.

  22. Kool Ledz says:

    Your Elegant Themes Tutorial is well written.It shows that you are passionate about the Theme and believe in the product. I tip my hat to you.

  23. Donovan says:

    I read your review and got myself a new ET theme recently. However, one thing that really concerns me is the logo. I uploaded mine and now it’s hardly visible. It looks very small. What can I do about this? Can I adjust it or add some text at least?

  24. Jewel says:

    Vusal, I am interested in Elegant Themes. A lothas changed since last year. Can yyoutell me the following:

    1. Does the basic version have PSD files – On your site you say yes, but on the elegant theme site, it says that only developer set has psd files included.

    I am confused. If I can get the psd files with basic version, I will buy basic version

    Thx for the feedback,

    You really have a great site.


  25. Martin Murphy says:

    Hi can I use ET themes to develop sites for other people

    warm wishes and nice website very helpful

  26. iambeam says:

    I’m fluent in photoshop, but not in web development. Do you think I should purchase the $89 package? I’m going to be using this for my own website and possibly down the road putting together some websites for local artists and bands.

    Would I still be able to edit the logo, etc. without photoshop files? Exactly how much more customization would I be able to do with the photoshop files?

    • Vusal says:


      I am good at both and I think you should buy Personal package. Logo images are in PNG format with transparent background – so yes, without photoshop files you can still edit the logo.

      With photoshop files you will be able to change the images… any image file the theme has. But, I don’t really understand the package system of elegant themes. I have personal package and I can still download the PSD files.
      Please see my answer for Jason here: http://www.elegantthemesreview.net/#comment-7279, he asked the same question.

      Hope that helps,

  27. Kukzee says:

    Hi, I’m planning to be a member. May I know if the promotion is still in effect?

  28. Carol Frome says:

    Hi Vusal,

    You’re so helpful! I have a few questions before I join.

    1. Is there a way to use Adsense or other ads in places other than the banner?

    2. If I need to access the PHP or CSS, can I?

    3. If I sell my site in a year or so, is transferring it to the new owner a problem because of the theme?

    4. As I understand it, I can use as many themes as I want to without repaying for each one. Is that correct? (I have 4 websites, and I have others lined up.)

    5. If I want to tweak the layout, can I do so easily?


    • Vusal says:

      Hi Carol,

      Thanks! It is pleasure for me to help you!

      1. Yes, Without editing the source code! Through ePanel (Ad Management tab)
      Each theme has different different ad space size, you can use it for Adsense or Banner image.
      Here is a snapshot taken from EBusiness Theme’s ePanel, take a look:

      You can either paste banner image details (address, url) or adsense code to those boxes.

      2. Yes you can, through WordPress’s editor.

      3. I don’t think it is going to cause any problem, quick answer: No. If you are going to use the themes for clients, you better get a developer’s license. I guess standart license is meant for personal use.

      4. Yes, currently there are 69 themes, you can download and use any of them, no additional cost.

      5. Mainly depends on the theme, and of course the modification you are going to do. Give me an example and I’ll let you know if you can do it easily or not.

      You are welcome!

  29. carla says:

    Hi, I love the themes in ET, but what if after a year I no longer want to pay for the year fee, will I loose my themes? can I continue using them even without paying? I need to be sure before purchasing.


  30. Carol Frome says:

    Oh boy! I have now looked at all 69 currently available themes, and I’m doing a happy dance! I love the shortcodes! And I love the tab that lets you change colors and fonts!

    One question: are those two features available on all the themes or just a few?

  31. QUESTION: Hi, I am new to ET and thinking about purchasing the Aggregate theme. CAN I also place a VIDEO in the feature slider (not just image)? THANK YOU!

    • Vusal says:


      First of all, you do not pay for the themes individually, after purchasing the subscription you can download any theme you want for 12 months.

      And for your question, yes you can, after joining elegant themes go to their support forum and open a new thread, moderators will help you with that,


  32. Moses says:

    Good work Vusal
    I have read two other reviews on ET but I have to say, yours was the most informative since it covered specific features. I understand that I have to pay $39 for this. Now I know ET normally has theme additions and upgrades from time to time. Will I have to keep making fresh payments for this?

    • Vusal says:


      I guess this question was asked by someone else before, anyway, you pay $39 for 1 year and that is it! Support, forum, upgrade, update, new themes etc. – everything is included in the price.


  33. Vusal,

    I love your site. Elegant Themes should thank you for the great details and information that you provide on their products.

    I just want to make mention of the psd file issue with the basic and professional packages.

    Previously before this year: Basic packages included the psd files, so if you were a basic member, you would get them.

    This year, they added a twist: Only Developer packages would have psd files included. This option is a a fair option, since you are able to do so much more with the photoshop files, if you are a designer. Also: If you are using this for a business, it is a worthwhile investment.

    Elegant Themes is great for the money and the quality. Your site does an excellent job of selling the program.

    Thanks for doing such a fabulous job with your site.

    • Vusal says:

      Danco Designs,

      Thanks for your comment,

      They haven’t thanked me yet :)

      Yeah, new members can’t download PSD files with basic package, thanks for the explanation,
      But I can download the PSD files with my Standard license (renewed on April 2011),

      Elegant themes are just awesome! I decided to use a free theme for one of my websites I started lately and I couldn’t bare for more than 4 days :)

      You are welcome, thanks for your kind words,

      • Kris says:

        Hi Vusal!

        I have question about psd files.
        I am not much literate with coding language but really literate with design. When I open full layers psd file and change some part of it, how can I put the changes to the theme. Do I have sliced full of the psd file after or not? Please help becasue I am really confuse where to put psd files to be work well.



        • Vusal says:


          By changing full layer psd file you can’t make any modification to themes’ layout, I wish changing themes would be that easy :) but it is not, unfortunately,


  34. Greg says:

    Can different themes be used in different portions of my website? For example, could I use the AskIt theme specifically for a Q&A section of the site while using a different theme for the rest?

    Just to add to my question, if it’s not option for different pages on my site, would it be possible for different subdomains?

    • Vusal says:


      I decided to combine your comments,
      Let me answer your second question first since it is much easier :) :
      > Definitely yes! Since each subdomain will have different WP installation you can use different theme for each one,

      And for your first question, I haven’t tried it myself but surprisingly, according to this video it is possible,
      Please check this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0G7F1OQUgL4

      – Vusal

  35. Bobby Dozier says:

    It all looks fantastic. Wondering about widgets/plugins, can we use WordPress SEO, Google XML sitemaps, etc? And one thing I’m keen to know is how do the tag cloud systems work with E.T. cause I’ve spent too much time trying to figure out how to get them to work on the not-so-great free template I am currently using???

    Thanks! = )

  36. Hi

    All i can say is I was looking for a simple solution for a good wordpress theme. I had the free Eximus theme but found myself making so many adjustments to the CSS and other stuff that my coding on the website was for sure a shocker to Google. I am very new to the website building and once I signed up for Elegantthemes I was very impressed. They are easy to modify very well written CSS which is for sure good for SEO .I think its a no brainer forking out $39 .Just think of the time you will spend to troubleshoot and build your own. Time is money.

    I managed to adapt my scratch cards affiliate site to the themes with ease. I also know that if I do decide to change themes that it will not be hard to amongst all the others on offer at Elegant themes. The short codes will still work and they are built on the same foundation. I plan on rolling out more Scratch card Affiliate sites hopefully in the future and the fact that it is an unlimited license makes it even more of a no brainer and so easy to roll out.
    I think that Nick has the right attitude to giving us such great themes at such an amazing price. I am looking forward to being a long time paying customer.

    Jenny- ScratchCardQueen :)

    • Vusal says:


      A bit promotional comment but decided to approve :)
      Yeah, themes are easy to modify even if you have very little information about CSS & design,

      Thanks for your comment,

      • Thanks Vusal.

        I am putting all my time for internet marketing to good use :) . I spend hours a day finding all the information I need technically and when I find it try I kill 2 birds with 1 stone :) by using the good information I find to help me along the way with a little promotion .

        You really dont need to publish this little reply to your comment :)

        Thanks Again. ElegantThemes Rule !

  37. Sonya S. says:

    Hi Vusal –

    I have a client who bought Boutique. It looks straightforward, but I could not find basic info such as how to set the price for a product, whether to use Posts or Pages for products, and so on. Can you please help me where to find this info? Thanks!

  38. Victor E. says:

    Hey Vusal,

    I think I came here by some form of heavenly force ‘cos I have never been more confused in my life as I was yesterday.

    For you information, you are my new best friend. From the discussions that have gone on here, I think noone else could answer my questions like you can.

    As a background, I am great with Photoshop and not necessarily a coder, I know how to copy short codes from different places and use for my website. That’s about all the coding I know.

    I had bought STANDARD THEME yesterday and the customization almost ran me mad. I went to bed frustrated, but today I am up and must start developing my website before the day runs out.

    STANDARD THEME boasts of a ridiculously Search Engine Optimized Code base. Question: How doe ET fare in SEO?

    Secondly. I can host more than one site on my hosting plan. Can I use ET on two domain names hosted by one hosting plane with the standard licence? I was thinking of hosting my personal blog and a graphic design portfolio too.

    What do you say?

    Looking forward to heating from you.

    • Vusal says:


      At first things may seem confusing, don’t worry about that,

      It is my pleasure to be your friend, up to now I haven’t got an email telling me that the customization is something hard to do – it just takes 8-10 minutes.

      I never *TOUCH* SEO tab under ePanel, I just don’t need it since I use All In One SEO Pack plugin for all of my websites, don’t worry, it is free :)
      How does ET fare in SEO? I am using ETs for all of my sites and they are doing great! The most ‘visible’ example is this site, elegantthemesreview.net – you are here, reading my reply because this site is ranking high for the keywords it targets,

      For your second question, you can use elegant themes on unlimited number of domains you own,

      • Victor E. says:

        Hey Vusal,

        Thanks for getting back to me.

        I think my problem was trying to make Standard Theme look like other premium themes–like ELEGANT! By the way, just got ELEGANT THEME!!!! AWESOME!!!!

        One question, can integrate DISQUS as my COMMENT SYSTEM?

        Thanks again!


  39. MaryJane says:

    Am currently using the free swift theme on my site, http://www.yarn.com, and though i enjoy its funtionalities, it lacks the ability to create menus links well(or maybe its just my incredibly poor CSS and HTML skills?). So my question is: how easy is it to create and manage menu navigation links using Elegant themes? Am thinking of upgrading to any good news theme from ET. Thanks!

    • Vusal says:


      Recent updates (2011 updates) from WordPress made it easy. You just have to go to “Menus” under Appearance and create it,

      Elegant themes support this function (Menus),


  40. Tammy says:

    Hi Vusal

    I enjoyed reading your review, especially enjoyed how you incorporated the video demonstration. This was very helpful. I now feel confident that I have enough information to enable me to get ET :) In case of any difficulties, I’ll definitely let you know. Thank you.

  41. Trendsighter says:


    I wish I had found your review site and Elegant themes earlier. I’m pleased with the 25 sites I currently have that are up and running, but for all future development I want to make sure the sites look good on a mobile device.

    It it just the Evolution theme that is currently designed for both the desktop and mobile? Or, are there others from Elegant?


  42. Adrienne says:

    Hi Vusal,

    I’m thinking about purchasing Elegant Themes and my only question is… “will it allow me to embed video code to show the video directly on my website? For example, I am on the Fox 9 News every Thursday, and the only way to publish my videos on my own website is to embed their code onto my current site (using GoDaddy Website builder). I’m not allowed to upload anything to YouTube because it’s all property of Fox.

    Can I do this as a beginner, easily in the Elegant Themes dashboard, or will I have to hire a programmer?

    Thank you so much for your help!


    • Vusal says:


      Yes, of course. Actually embedding video code has nothing to do with the theme,
      You don’t really need GoDaddy Website builder, I personally use ScreenCast for most of my websites,
      After getting the video file ready, just upload it to your ScreenCast account and then copy/paste the code – that is it.

      Let me know what do you think,

      And, yes you can do it as a beginner, no need to hire a programmer.

      I can help you with that, contact me using the form here: http://www.elegantthemesreview.net/contact-me/

      You are welcome!

  43. Josh says:


    Just came accross your ET review site. Thanks for providing the info. I noticed that you had a promotion a few months back. Is that an option at this time?


      • Hi Vusal,

        First off, great work! Love the themes you guys have made. They are strikingly beautiful!

        I wanted to ask you if you are still planning to set up the contest you mention above this month? I have just recently decided to begin a cooking blog. I have set it up on tumblr but I find tumblr utterly annoying, under-featured, ugly, etc…

        I would love to be able tu use your My Cuisine theme for my blog! :)

        However, I am still a relative toddler when it comes to blogging, so trying to learn as I go. I do cook very well though :) Hope to transmit this through my blogging.

        As you can see, still need some work to improve the photography, but I just wanted to get my feet wet once and for all (been thinking about doing this for some time).

        Please, please let me know if you do eventually organize another contest for this month, would be more than glad to participate!

        Warm regards,


        • Vusal says:


          Yes, the themes are so beautiful and easy to use/configure at the same time!

          Credits go to Nick Roach – he is the man behind Elegant Themes :)

          Just checked your blog, I couldn’t understand anything but it seems you are motivated to write :)

          About the contest, I won’t be able to set it for the first half of 2012, sorry about that :(

          Good luck with your cooking blog!

  44. Stye says:

    Hey Vusal,

    Quick question: Are these only WordPress themes or do they support other platforms? I have a website that runs on Drupal and would be interested in using one of these themes on it.



  45. Duane says:

    How did you design your logo? Was it through another software or did you have to buy the extra package ET offers for $89 to access the PSD files? Thanks in advance.

    • Vusal says:


      There was only one package before, for $39 users were able to download both theme and PSD files, now they added Developer package which costs $89 per year and lets you download PSD files of themes. With standard package you won’t be able to download Photoshop files.

      I used Adove Photoshop to design the logo,

      You are welcome,

  46. Elizabeth says:


    Elegant themes was recommended to me. I’ve been using artisteer but I think my templates look out of date. What do you think of the professional package with its mobile app themes and drop and drag functions? Is it worth it?

    Thank you

    • Vusal says:


      For me it is worth 10 times more, new features that they’ve added recently (last 6 months :) ) made ET IRRESISTABLE in my opinion.
      I use those plugins (mobile theme plugin, shortcodes and page builder) and drag&drop option almost every day and I just LOVE them!

      You are welcome,

  47. elizabeth says:

    Greatly appreciate the videos. I got the developer’s package and would love to decrease the learning curve/frustration as much as I can.

  48. chelson says:


    I would like to build and online store but Im not versed with computer skills and would like to ask if ET is easy to use?

    I would like to enquire if for example if i choose to use the boutique theme, would i be able to remove the sidebar? i love the theme but not the sidebar.

    Does it mean that getting the $39 will not enable me to use the additional plugins?

    Its around the festive season, will there be any promotions?

    thanks and regards

    • Vusal says:

      Hello Chelson,

      ET themes are easy to use, if not the easiest themes to use. There is a reason why I use ETs for all of my websites.
      You can remove the sidebar of course, my question is, how are you going to fill that space after that?

      Getting membership for $39 won’t let you download the plugins, if your only concern is the plugins then check my email.

      I don’t think there will be any,

      You are welcome,

  49. chelsonlim says:

    Dear Vusal,

    i have signed up the membership but im very lost to using it.

    Do you know if there is a tutorial for me to learn how to use it?

    I want to use the eboutique but i do not know how. so if you know any books/videos please let me know.


    • Vusal says:

      Hey Jiasheng,

      I replied to you by email by decided to reply to your comment here, thought it would be beneficial for my readers too.

      Installing WP and theme is pretty easy, ET has video guide for that – do a search and you’ll find.

      If any problem occurs go ahead and start a new topic at the forum.

  50. Chalra says:

    I’ve had Elegant Themes for many months and appreciate the variety of beautiful themes. There are regular updates to the theme.

    My only disappointment is that the updates often cause unexpected problems, and it can sometimes take days to get an answer in the support forum. If this can be solved, I would consider Elegant Themes to be a perfect service.

    • Vusal says:


      I never had such a problem until Glader theme didn’t work properly after updating it on one of my sites.
      I disagree on support forum though, they have always been fast, at least for me :)

      Still ET is a perfect service,

  51. elizabeth says:

    I agree with the comment about the lack of customer support. I used another format before. I used artisteer to create our sites. Their customer support, while at times patronizing and nasty, is responsive. However, the themes offered here look so much better even if there is less control for the creator.

    • Vusal says:

      I am sorry, what do you men by lack of support? Support is Forum and I haven’t seen a thread not getting a reply within 12 hours…

      Have a problem? go open a thread and a mod will chim in after a few hours,

  52. Darren says:

    Great review. I am also a big fan of what they do at Elegant Themes.

  53. Michael says:

    I’ve been using Elegant Themes for quite a long time. While I don’t particularly like the themes that have been coming out lately, that is just my own personal preference. I see that others do love them and that is awesome. They seemed to be more artsy than what I’m looking for but do let me say this. Anytime I’ve ever had an issue and reported it, it’s always been answered within 24 hours. I have the utmost respect for Nick because of this.

    • Vusal says:

      Good to see my blog still has some readers,

      Michael, the thing is, most of the members need more than a Blog there and the designers create themes according to their needs. And what they need is more artsy than the guys like you and me looking for.

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